First Target are a specialized grouped established in 2007 that organizes exhibitions and conferences. We have organized many trade exhibitions locally and internationally as well as many conferences, sports activities and social programs in the Kingdom of Bahrain. First Target have been the best establishment in terms of quality and professionalism in organizing exhibitions.


To become a true First Target, and a leader in our specialized field, we must contribute to the social and economic developments locally, regionally and globally.


Create a new identity for the foundation that reflects the ambitions and aspirations of the current and   future leaders, and to build financial stability for the company locally.
Expand the work of the foundation to extend to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and worldwide.
Provide services of high quality, performance and speed.

Attract and build qualified human resources that are able to keep up with the aspirations of the  foundation.
Build customer database that is both accurate and comprehensive.
Use of the latest administrative practices in the provision of consultancy services, marketing and  management organization of events and conferences.
Achieve high levels of quality to win customer satisfaction.

CEO Message

Foundation seeks to achieve its vision by hiring highly efficient Bahraini HR qualified employees. This is to achieve the vision of the company under relating it to our slogan “Together as a team we pave the way” to provide consulting services and marketing of high quality performance and excellence in innovation, management and support of the highlight events that exceed customer expectations in terms of service, value, and innovation which makes us act as a partner to design suitable activities and conform to the needs of the market and consumers.
I invite you to review our achievements showcased in this website and we look forward to partnering with you as we move forward.
Yousif Dawood Salman 

Our Team

Sara Tariq

CEO Assistant

Noor Izmerli

Pr& Sales Manager

Razan Al Qaseer


Aysha Ali Alshaer

Administrative Coordinator